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About Us

JK Girls is named after my two girls Jaidyn and Karsyn. My original thoughts were to create a business that can expand into something that carries Karsyn and Jaidyn well through their years and something they can eventually take ownership of and operate together. I see a storefront in the future that they run together with their own lines and products.

After going through lots of stress and transition personally, I wanted to create something that I was passionate about but also made us income. Being a single mom, finances are a big part of my stress with 2 little girls--working a daily 9-5 just is not enough. I thought what better way for me to spend more quality time with the girls and for them to express their own leadership skills and originality. 

This brand will be a mix of apparel and accessories that represents both Jaidyn, Karsyn and little Black girls in general. I want the looks and content to inspire other kids their age to be expressive and unapologetically themselves. I hope I can inspire other single moms to persevere through hard times and create the life they want for themselves and their children.